Of Course It’s About Guns

This July 2012 evidence photo, which the Arapahoe County District Attorney’s Office released in response to open-records requests, shows an assault weapon and blood by sandals following the July 20, Colorado theater shooting by James Holmes in Aurora, Colo.

I am really sick of all the bullshit I am seeing about guns.

This one for example: “So, when someone gets a DUI do we blame the driver or the bottle sitting next to him? When a terrorist puts a bomb in the building do we curse the bomb or the man behind it? Guns are just tools. People are the weapons. This is all boiled down to bad parenting.”

No, you idiot, cars were made to drive and sometimes things happen and an innocent bystander pays the price for your stupidity. Sometimes, someone is suffocated by a pillow, but I don’t advocate banning them either. We take chances every day of our lives but no one, no one should be made to fear for their lives because they want to go to school or church or the supermarket. They should NOT fear that some idiot who just got fired from his job, jilted by a lover, cheated on by a wife or discovered he was out of fucking Cheerios for breakfast is going to massacre them and everyone around them. You do NOT need guns. Guns are a tool built for one purpose and one purpose only and that is to KILL.

I understand why it’s so hard to comprehend when you grow up in a culture where guns are the norm, a way of life, but try to see it from the other side. Pretend you are a Canadian, a Brit, an Aussie looking in from afar. Try to forget everything you feel when the subject of guns comes up, the warm feeling you have knowing you have a closet full of guns, and it might become clearer. Likely not. Understandably, part of the problem is a gunslinger mentality. Guns are glorified. It really is the way the west was won, the way your country was born. The Colt 45 is a part of your history but please make it just that, a part of history. You do not need guns to go about your daily business. Open carry of a gun in a grocery store is a sign that you are concerned about your manhood. No one else in the world puts possession of firearms above the lives of children and that my friends, is exactly what’s happening.

How about this one: “So many people are quick to blame lax gun laws for the Parkland School Shooting, but the law enforcement task with enforcement of current gun laws didn’t do their job. Kid was making threats online towards his school, FBI knew about this and didn’t do anything about it.

Source: UN, CIA World Factbook
Graphic: The Sacramento Bee
© 2013 MCT

Facts are facts. You remove guns, mass murderous attacks go down. Mental illness is not the cause, for if it were, Canada, England, Australia would all be as dangerous as the good old USA. We have (I assume) as many unstable people as America but since we have tougher gun laws we have less killings. Can an idiot take a machete into a school and start chopping. Sure can but I will bet that statistics will show that people don’t like to kill with knives they prefer the impersonal nature of mowing em down with an assault rifle. Same detachment as doing so in a video game.

The NRA pours millions into supporting politicians who come out in favour of guns. These politicians line their coffers with blood soaked money. Money drenched in the blood of every child massacred in every school shooting across America. This is on them. They have to enact gun control legislation and YOU have to make them do it.

I know this will have virtually no impact on anyone who is prepared to die over their perceived notion of what the Second Amendment means but, if I can reach one person who is sitting on a fence and perhaps they can convince a couple more and so on and so on maybe just maybe we can make a differance and a child’s life can be saved. And who knows. maybe it will be your child.

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