Palm Oil It's Time to Save the Rainforests

Accelerated growth of illegal palm oil plantations and the deforestation of the rain forests, threatens the very lives of orangutans, rhinos, tigers, elephants and indigenous people. Palm oil is a vegetable oil derived from the fruit of the African Oil Palm tree. Oil palms are native to Western Africa, but can be grown in any Read more about <span class="entry-title-primary">Palm Oil</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">It's Time to Save the Rainforests</span>[…]

Got Milk?

“Drink Your Milk” Your Mother Said looks like Mom was wrong

The Globe and Mail published an article last week titled Soy, coconut, almond or rice: How do non-dairy ‘milks’ stack up nutritionally? While that’s a great question if someone is looking for an alternative to milk as they try to give up dairy completely, they are comparing how the alternatives stack up against milk. My Read more about <span class="entry-title-primary">“Drink Your Milk” Your Mother Said</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">looks like Mom was wrong</span>[…]